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Love Your Neighbour Galleywood

In Galleywood, Essex, a group of community organisations with the backing of the church and parish council, are proposing a new campaign..

Project lead Rev Gemma Fraser says: “Since the EU referendum, there have been communities and families at odds with one another. Worse than that, we are aware of a rise in hate crime in the local area. We felt we needed to do something to bring the village together.”

The group – which calls itself “love your neighbour Galleywood” – is proposing five tips to local residents:

Smile: Smile and say hello to someone

Connect: Introduce yourself to some of your neighbours

Reach out: Buy a gift or make some food and give it to someone you don't know well.

Bridge the gap: Invite someone of a different generation. It could be to an event or just for a cup of tea.

Pay it forward: Think of a random act of kindness to do every day. This could be anything from giving a compliment to anonymously paying a bill for someone.

No one will have to “sign up” for the campaign, and no contact details will be collected – but organizers hope people will take to social media to post pictures of themselves holding handwritten pledges to do one of the top tips.

The group will be reinforcing their message by writing to local businesses, producing posters and stickers, working with local schools, launching a facebook page (LYN.Galleywood), https://www.facebook.com/LYN.Galleywood/?fref=nf

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