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Our Building

The Building Project

The ‘Church on The Common’, as it is often referred to, is a fine specimen of Victorian architecture but our worship and other needs have changed considerably since it was built in the 1870s.  Several years ago a decision was taken to reshape St. Michael's Church to meet the needs of all the groups who use it.  

What have we done so far?  

Based on our Needs ( We have written a document called a Statement of Need for the Diocese) and our understanding of what God wants us to do in Galleywood, plans were drawn up for three phases of development.

1) Phase 1 was to move the organ pipes to create 2 new rooms and a disabled toilet in the North Transept and to re-install the organ pipes at the West end of the church - This is now nearly completed (see below*).

2) Phase 2 is to build a new room to the exterior of the church to the North-East corner - This phase is still possible (but not in the near future)

3) Phase 3 is a substantial new build to the North of the existing churchto include a new room (hall), kitchen and toilets.

Where are we now?

*Between August 2014 and March 2015, the church has been in various stages of disruption as the following has taken place:

1) Removal of the organ pipes from the north transept.

Then                                                        Now

_8045669.JPG             _5288043.JPG

2) Removal of the Organ console and the staging in the north aisle

3) Construction of 2 new multi purpose rooms in the north transept:

    a) Downstairs - a room off the north aisle with a disabled toilet


    b) Upstairs                                                                   to a new room

_3137659.JPG              _3137651.JPG

3) Creation of a 'Tree of Life' Carving on the north side of the chancel (detail of Tree of Life)

_2207616_1.JPG            _1307589_1.JPG

3) Construction of a balcony to the west end of the church (for the organ pipes to be re sited)

Before                                                                                                    Now

_8045674.JPG        _3137636.JPG



4) Extension of the west tower room - making it a more usable 'space'

5) Removal of the staging to the south of the stage (unsafe!) ready for the Organ console to be re sited.

So where do we need to go from here?

1) Fitting of carpet at the back of church and the aisles

2) Installation of new lighting in the nave

3) Storage facilities for church groups

4) Re-installation of the Organ pipes

5) Re organisation of the Vestry.