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Our Vision


Bridges not Walls is our 2020 Vision for the future development of St Michaels.

The BRIDGES are: 

A.  A Bridge between Generations

B. A Bridge with God: Worship as a Bridge with Glory, and Reaching out with the love of God

C.  A Bridge for the Community:
                                  'Inform Galleywood' and Galleywood Good Neighbours

D. A Bridge over the Wid - to other churches in the area and ‘Re-imagining Ministry’ 


St Michael's Church - A Building fit for purpose

To enable us to acheive our Vision, we have recently completed a major building project during which we have:

Moved the Organ console and organ pipes (currently waiting for their return)

Created two new rooms in the north east corner of the church (where the organ pipes used to be)

Extended a room at the west end of the church