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1) Parish Profile - This is a statement by the parish about our current situation has now been completed - Click here to view the Profile

Many thanks to the the writing group. They are: Karen Robertson, Chris Selden, Tom Griffiths, Sue Kitson, Suzanne McAllister, Chris Pearshouse and Anne Pepper (Convenor / Editor)

2) Adertisments for the vacancy will go out on Friday 6th April with a closing date of Wednesday 18th April.

3) Parish representatives - selected by the PCC to be on the interview panel are Colin Dawson and Amy Baptiste.

4) Interviews and Visits informal visits to look around the parish, the church and the vicarage too place on Thursday 17th May with the formal interviews on Friday 18th May.

5) Waiting - We are currently waiting for confirmation that the person recommended by Amy and Colin is acceptable to the Bishop and we expect an announcement to be made very soon

Please pray for God's wisdom over the coming weeks for all involved

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Prayers during Vacancy