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Welcome to the NEW St Michael's Website

Christians have been meeting in this church for over 140 years and we still meet each week to worship our Creator God and we hope that you will find peace and joy as you worship with us. 

During the week there is a variety of groups for different ages and people of different stages along what we sometimes call 'the way' - the lifelong process of discovering who Jesus is and what he wants for each one of us.

At the present time, we offer a range of activities about which the website gives information that may be helpful, see the menu to the left of the site

Welcome - answers many of your questions about; our current programme, Baptisms, Weddings and God.

Worship and Prayer - highlights the main activities throughout the week

About Us - explains who we are and how we organise ourselves, at St Michaels and beyond.

Our Vision - these pages clarify what we are trying to do and what we are doing to achieve it.

Our Activities - gives a bit more detail about specific activities

St Michael's Church  - gives a brief history of St Michael's and the village of Galleywood (Gavelwode) that it serves

NB - Some of the pages are still 'under construction', thank you for your patience

If you have any enquiries or questions, then please use the Contact Us form