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Your Wedding at St Michael's

St. Michael's Church provides a delightful setting for a wedding service. 

If you are interested in celebrating your wedding at St Michael’s, Galleywood?  We’d love to help if we can.

You’ll need to meet with one of the vicars to book your date:-


The Vicar, Rev David Cattle -01245 265250. or by  e mail: revdcattle@gmail.com;

and visit the Church of England's Wedding Website.


Meanwhile read more (below) for some frequently asked questions and our best attempts to answer them.

Can anybody get married at your church?

There are some broad conditions:

  • If you live in the parish of Galleywood
  • or have lived there for at least six months at some point in your life,
  • or if a parent lives here,
  • or you were baptised in the church,
  • or your parents or grandparents were married in the church, 
  • or if one or both of you has attended St Michael’s regularly for six months

  you probably have the right to be married at St Michael’s. 


I’m divorced.  Does that mean I can’t get remarried in church?

You need to talk to the vicar about this and produce your decree absolute. 

You may then be able to get married again here. 

Otherwise you can have a civil ceremony at a registry office and a service of prayer and blessing here.


How much will it cost and when will we have to pay?

The basic wedding costs include reading of the banns, the ceremony and a marriage certificate. For these, the costs fixed annually by the Church of England, and are applicable for all weddings; in a Church, at a Venue or at a Registry Office.

For 2020, these are:

Marriage Service                                £ 463.00

Publication of Banns of Marriage          £  31.00

Banns Certificate (If applicable)           ( £  14.00)        

Marriage Certificate                              £  11.00            Statutory Basic = £ 505.00



Verger* Strongly Recommended            £40.00

Heating (depending on time of year)   Between £0 and £60.00

Bells                                                  £150.00

Organist                                               £80.00       Maximum additions =         £330.00


                                                                                 Maximum total charge = £835.00

*We strongly recommend that you also have a verger who will open church on the day, to manage the

sound desk and help your ushers with any problems.

If you would like extras such as an organist, bells, the choir then these will cost more.  

If you have a friend or family member who would like to be involved in any way, e.g. play music that is also 


Please let the vicar know when you meet him.


Do we have to attend your church?

Sometimes, if a couple has no connection to a church but would love to marry there, a connection can be created with that church if they go along to its usual services for a period of six months. This is the only occasion when regularly attending the church would be required. Please talk to the Vicar about this and our Weddings policy at St Michael's Church.


What are banns?

Your marriage banns (announcements of intention to marry) have to be read on three consecutive Sundays in

this church and the local church or churches where you live within a three month period prior to the wedding.

For Weddings Blessings - after discussion with and at the discretion of the Vicar:

The Vicar, Rev David Cattle  - 01245 265250. or by e mail: revdcattle@gmail.com;