Welcome to St Michael's Church in Galleywood, the Church on the Common

  • Christians have been meeting in this church for over 140 years and we still meet each week to worship our Creator God and we hope that you will find peace and joy as you worship with us. 

    During the week there is a variety of groups for different ages and people of different stages along what we sometimes call 'the way' - the lifelong process of discovering who Jesus is and what he wants for each one of us.

    Worship at St Michael's

    Holy Communion at 8am               3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays

    Rolling Worship at 10.00am           Weekly

    Evening Service - has been discontinued.

    One off events may take place on some Sundays, see the weekly notice sheet for details          

    Find us on Social Media:


    St Michael's Church Galleywood                 @St_MichaelsG

    Contacting Us

    If there is anything we can help you with, please get in touch with:

    Vicar - Rev David Cattle 01245 465890 or  revdcattle@gmail.com; 

    (Day off is SATURDAY)

    Churchwardens:   Anne Gardner -  email  gardneranne24@gmail.com or 01245 353476 

                              Or Anne Pepper -  email  apepper36@gmail.com or or 07703 586537

    Pastoral care: Karen Robertson - email  k-robertson@blueyonder.co.uk   or 07941857097

    Safeguarding: Janella Coates - janella.coates@gmail.com or 07981 419796

    Administrator, Brian R Pepper preferably by e mail  adstmichaelgalleywood@gmail.com or 07918 872 347                   (Part Time - 10 hours per week, variable times)

    Youth Worker, Ellen Morrison - stmichaelsyouthworker@gmail.com or 07727 655 934  (Working day; Thursday only)

    Evangelism Enabler (Messy Church and Make Lunch). Sue Kitson - suektsn9@gmail.com 01245 265443

    If we are not available, please leave a message and we'll get back to you.

    Meanwhile, thank you for visiting our website and we hope it will give you a flavour of what we are all about


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    New Vision Prayer - Jesus, teach us all to love. (Click here to read this prayer)

    Welcome to St Michael's


    Notice Sheets

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    March 2019

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    December 2018 / January 2019

    December 2018


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    Events Calendars

    Holy Week at St Michael's

    February 2019


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    GDPR + Privicy Notice

    A Privicay notice is now available for all to see and read, please click here to download it

    Coming in May / June (All events in church, unless otherwise stated)

    Morning Prayer: Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9.15am.

    The toddler group Friendship+ meets every Wednesday in term time at the Keene Hall, from 9.15 to 11.15am.

    Galleywood Good Neighbours meets every second Friday of each month at the Keene Hall from 10am to 12 noon

    Mon 20th  2pm         MLT meeting (Chris and Fiona’s house)

                    7.30pm     Worship Planning Team meeting (Chris and Fiona’s)

    Thur 23rd  2-4pm     Craft afternoon

    Wed 29th  11.30am  Make Lunch (St Michael’s school)

    Thur 30th 7.30pm    Joint MMU service to celebrate the Ascension (St Mary’s Widford)


    Tues 4th 1.45pm to 3pm or 7- 8.15 pm Dementia training (St Michael's school) Contact Karen Robertson if interested in going

    Weds 5th 2.15 pm Wednesday Fellowship

    - Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) + Bring and buy

    Thurs 6th 7.30pm Upwards

    Galleywood Festival 2019 – 7th to 9th June

    Fri 7th   7.30pm Galleywood Festival Evening Concert

                        Chelmsford Male Voice Choir and Spectrum Ladies Choir.

    Sat 8th 10am   Open Church, as part of Galleywood Festival (incl. Plant Sale)

                  4pm   Messy Church

    Mon 10th 7.30pm Lynchpins group (St John's, Moulsham)

    Tue 11th 7.30pm Deanery Synod (St Mary's, Widford)

    Wed 12th 8pm Confirmation course (the vicarage)

    Thurs 7.30pm Upwards youth group

    Fri 14th 10am to 12 noon Galleywood Good Neighbours (at Keene Hall)

    Sat 15th 7.30pm Paul Karenza at Meadgate Church, The Orchards, Mascalls Way, CM2 6NS

                            (Tickets £10 from Amanda Robinson 07837 913218)

    Sun 16th 10am Suzanne's last service with us, before her curacy begins

    Wed 19th 8pm Confirmation course (the vicarage)

    Thurs 20th 7.30pm Upwards

    Tues 25th 7.30pm PCC meeting

    Wed 26th 8pm Confirmation course (the vicarage)

    Thurs 7.30pm Upwards youth group

    Sat 29th 2pm Revd Andy Brown's ordination as priest

    (Church of the Holy Spirit) (ticket only event)


    in July and beyond


    Weds 10th July 8pm Confirmation course (the vicarage)

    Weds 17th July 8pm Confirmation course - last session (the vicarage)

    Sun 8th Sep at 4pm – Confirmations with the Bishop of Bradwell

    Regular weekly Prayers

    Prayers at St Michael's on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9.15am

    AND elswhere in South West Chelmsford Churches:

    Mondays - 9.15am at Gemma's house    and 7pm on the 1st Monday of the month at CHS

    Tuesdays - 9.15am at CHS, Widford (except when Stephanie is on holiday)

    Wednesdays - 9.00 am at St Luke's, Moulsham Lodge

    Thursdays - 9.15am at St John's, Moulsham Street

    ALL are welcome


    24th March at St Luke's, Moulsham   Cancelled

    30th June at Church of the Holy Spirit, Widford

    29th September at St Michael's, Galleywood

    10th March Prayer Stations 4.00 for 4.30 at St Luke's, Moulsham
    14th April Palm Sunday Praise 6.00 for 6.30 at St John's, Moulsham
    12th May Taize 6.00 for 6.30 at St Mary's, Widford
    9th June Healing Service 6.00 for 6.30 CHS, Widford
    14th July Evensong 6.00 for 6.30 St Michael's, Galleywood
    8th September 4.00 start United Confirmation Service at St Michael's, Galleywood

    Additional services:
    6th March Ash Wednesday St Luke's, Moulsham at 9.45 am
                                                  St Mary's, Widford      at 7.30 pm

    18th April Maundy Thursday St Johns, Moulsham & St Michael's, Galleywood at 7.30 pm
    Thursday 30th May Ascension Day Service St Mary's, Widford 7.30pm

    St Johns & St Michael's 7.30 pm
    Thursday 30th May Ascension Day Service St Mary's 7.30pm


    PCC Minutes for 19th March 2019 are now available for registered members only at /about-us/leadership-team/church-council-pcc/