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Church Council (PCC)


The Parochial Church Council (correct at 1 May 2019)

They are responsible for 'temporalities':  buildings, finance

and issues outside the parish; Synod, Pastoral Unit, Mission Giving


Vicar; Rev David Cattle

Churchwardens; Anne Gardner and Anne Pepper

Deputy Wardens: Paul Wehren and John Robertson

Deanery Representatives; Sue Metcalfe and Beryl Moss

Elected to the Church Coucil 2019/20 at the APCM on 30th April 2019

Clare Broome, Janella Coates, Colin Dawson, Jane Dougan,Jane Harpur, David Stevenson, Stephanie Troop and Paul Wehren,

+ 4 vacancies

Lay Chair and Treasurer is Colin Dawson

PCC Secretary and minutes Secretary is Sue Metcalfe

Plus (not on the PCC) are our Lynchpins for the MMU: Karen Robertson, Dai Jones and Anne Pepper