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Booking St Michael's

St Michael's Church offers a number of 'spaces' which are used for the many internal activities and meetings on Sundays and during the week:

The Church itself can accomodate 250 and is ideal for concerts or large gatherings.

We have a number smaller rooms which can hold small groups of up to 15 people.

Please contact our Administrator, Brian R Pepper to ask about availability at adstmichaelgalleywood@gmail.com

When not being used for Church activities, we are keen for others to use our facilities for meetings and events for an appropriate donation. We have prepared a scale of suggested 'charges' to form a basis for agreeing a suitable donation.

The 'charges' have been calculated based on local alternatives within Galleywood (Keene Hall and the Heritage Centre). From these top line figures, reductions have been suggested varying from 0%, 50%, 75% or 100%, depending on the status of the organisation / individual wishing to book any rooms in the church.

St Michael’s Church - Scale of charges for 2018 as follows:


Subject to availability


(Monday to Thursday)


(Friday to Sunday)

Limited availability

Main Church


£30 per hour


£50 per hour

Min 2 hours (£100)


£20 per hour


£30 per hour


Martin Room

£20 per hour


£30 per hour

Minimum 2 Hours (£60)

Upper Room, North

£20 per hour


£30 per hour


Lower North Room

£20 per hour


£30 per hour


Kitchen (with other booking)

£6 per hour


£10 per hour


Other Charges



Projector & Screen

£15 per session

£20 per session


Free of Charge

Free of Charge


£30 per session

£50 per session


St Michael's PCC November 2016


St Michael’s Church groups                       100%

Church members’ hire                                   75%

Charitable organisations                               50%

Commercial Organisations                         FULL Rate applies


The Church Council (PCC) reserves the right to refuse a booking under certain circumstances, i.e. if inconsistent with a place of Worship.

All bookings are subject to availability and will defer to a prior booking. In extreme circumstances, the PCC reserves the right to cancel a booking where the church building is required for a Church Activity e.g. Wedding or Funeral. A full refund will be offered and as much notice as is practicable will be given, but the PCC accepts no liability for any losses resulting from the cancellation.

All bookings should incorporate adequate time for setting up before and clearing up after the event. A cleaning charge may be applied if additional cleaning is required.

For more information, please click below:

Charges, terms and conditions of use.