Parochial Church Council (PCC) and office holders

The Church is the legal responsibility of the Vicar, the Churchwardens and the Parochial Church Council (PCC). The PCC consists of clergy, elected Churchwardens, elected Deanery Synod Representatives and elected Lay Members, as follows:


Revd David Cattle – Vicar of St Michael’s.


Gavin Adlington.

Anne Pepper.

Deanery Synod Representatives

Gavin Adlington (Church Warden)

Anne Martin

Richard Hyland

Lay Members

Clare Broome (Lay Chair).

Janella Coates (Parish Safeguarding Officer).

Jane Dougan (Electoral Roll Officer).

Travers Harpur (Licensed Lay Minister).

Richard Hyland.

Stephanie Troop (Standing Committee Chair).

Michael Tucker.

Geoff Windus.

Ian Rigden.

Alice Loates.

Office Holders

Elected Deputy Churchwardens: Michael Tucker.

Elected MMU Lynchpins: Anne Pepper, Dai Jones.

Sexton (appointed by the PCC): Anne Pepper.

Sacristan (appointed by the PCC): Beryl Moss.

Verger (appointed by the PCC): Pam Bullman.


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