St Michael and All Angels' Church Galleywood

Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) with profiles

The Ministry Leadership Team (MLT)

Responsible for 'spiritualities':

Worship, Evangelism, Pastoral Care, Nurture, Discipleship and Community Links

The Leadership team are:

Vicar: Rev David Cattle

Licensed Ministers: Fiona Seldon and Travers Harpur

Pastoral Care Assistant: Karen Robertson

Evangelism Enabler: Sue Kitson



People Profiles:

Reverand David Cattle - Vicar

This is me (on the left!) with Bernie the dog – one of my daughter Sophia’s favourite toys!

My name is David and I have been the vicar of Galleywood since October 2018. I am originally from the Isle of Man, which is actually a foreign country. I was born on Tynwald Day, which is the day when Manx people celebrate our parliament, the Tynwald, which is over 1,000 years old (the world’s oldest continuous parliament, apparently; that’s the Vikings for you!). So I am a real Manxman, which means I have three legs, no tail, and kippers in the freezer. (OK, only two of those is actually true!)

I used to be an accountant, but in my twenties I felt that God was calling me to be a vicar in the Church of England, so here I am.

I live in the Galleywood vicarage with my young daughter, Sophia. Along with spending time with her (trampolining, craft, and wearing strange things on our heads seem to be our regular playtime at the moment), I like to spend time outdoors running, hiking and sometimes cycling. I love spending time with friends and family, and I support Liverpool Football Club (yeah, I know). I am also learning how to play the electric guitar, which I took up from scratch recently. (This new hobby reflects my misspent youth listening to Def Leppard and Tom Petty. Rock on.)

I have been a Christian since I was a child. I remember hearing people speaking about God and Jesus in assemblies, and it just sort of stuck with me. I have always figured that life is so valuable that there must be a deeper meaning to things. And the Christian stories about Jesus – his life, death, resurrection and ascension to the Father’s side in heaven – and the belief that God is active in our lives by the Holy Spirit, have given everything the deeper meaning I was searching for. That’s because these stories teach us that God is love, and that we are utterly loved forever.

In 2003, I left the Isle of Man to go to Trinity College, Bristol to train to be a priest. I really enjoyed my four years of hard academic study there. Thinking deeply about faith is fascinating, and it strengthened my faith. My specialist subject is the relationship between faith and science, which, contrary to what we sometimes hear, fit together really well, as shown by the many scientists who are Christians. Over the years, through good times and bad, I have found that prayer and reading the Bible have brought me strength and comfort.

I enjoy being the vicar of Galleywood. It is a really nice place to live, and St Michael’s Church is really warm, friendly and relaxed. If you haven’t yet done so, you should check it out!

And if you would like to contact me about anything, my e-mail address is revdcattle@gmail.com and my phone number is 01245 956953.


Sue Kitson - Evangelism Enabler

Sue has been a part of St Michael’s Church family for many years and is committed to serving Jesus in her everyday life.

Sue became a Christian in 1989. Her spiritual journey took her to Africa for a short-term mission which led to further opportunities. After completing the course in Evangelism, she led Friendship+ for a short time and now leads an outreach called Make Lunch. Further details about both of these can be found under the tab “In the Community”

She would love you to get in touch, just to chat about life.

Contact details. suektsn9@gmail.com  mobile no 07884 131377